Flashes of Light From the Deep

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“Cool. Sardonic. Palma is a post-modern American poet…who can tear up the asphalt and show you the beauty buried just beneath.”

Scott Laudati, Author of Hawaiian Shirts in the Electric Chair

“He addresses individuals with sympathy, respecting their stories and experiences, but he has no patience with broken systems.”

Sibelan Forrester, Author of Second Hand Fates

“…the depths are the people. The 99% of workers, immigrants, and students who are stories not often told.Those who prop up the world like sturdy concrete are poured once and forgotten…”

Josh Dale, Author and Publisher at Thirty West Publishing House

Flashes of Light from the Deep, the debut collection from poet Anthony Palma, is an exploration of our attempt to reconcile our own lives while trying to make sense of the social, national, and global problems we face. The author takes you on a journey through the urgency of action, down into the depths of despair, and back up to the peaks of understanding and acceptance. It is a trip that is uniquely his, but it resonates with the paths we all take as we traverse this life together.