Reading #33 -8/14/2018 -Dhami Boo, Bob Zell, and RG Evans

This was another Livin’ on Luck reading, and it was great to see both old and new faces come out for the event. I like to think that we are trying to build a writing community, and with all of you supporting us we have been able to do just that, so thank you!


Reading #32 – 8/7/2018 – Newark Arts Alliance Open Mic

This was my first time going to this reading, and it was awesome. I have mentioned several times during this project that community is the most important part of what we do. Tonight the host Maria even mentioned it as being something she wanted to create at these events. Well, in my estimation she has succeeded in a big way. Truly inspirational night.

Reading #31 – 8/1/2018 – Amber Renee

It was really cool to see all the Mad Poets’ people and to hear another great performance from Amber, a poet who has grown so much as a performer and artist in the couple years I’ve known her.

Tonight also marked an important milestone for me. It was the first time that I intentionally memorized a poem to read at the open mic. I think I’m gonna continue this as best I can – it helps free me to perform a little more and own my work. Gotta keep moving!

Poetry, Music, and Me

Two years ago, I got a keyboard as a gift. I remember sitting in front of it the first time totally terrified. My biggest fear was that, after getting it, I would not use it, and it would collect dust and dirty clothes in the corner.

Despite my fears, I began teaching myself to play. It has been difficult, slow and humbling, but it also has been immensely rewarding. Now, almost two years later I have come a long way. I have even used music to accompany some of my featured readings, and I am looking forward to continuing and expanding that element of my work.

Today, though, I am sitting in front of three pieces of paper, each containing a poem. I am considering for the first time actively memorizing my poems to read at open mics and other events. There is a voice inside of me telling me that I am bad at memorizing things, and that there is no way that I would be able to do it. The voice tells me I am afraid of getting up in front of people and forgetting every word.

But then I think about music. Two years ago I couldn’t play 3 Blind Mice, and here I am today writing music to accompany my poems. Suddenly memorizing a page of words doesn’t seem so intimidating.

We all have that voice, the one that limits us and tells us we will never succeed, so we shouldn’t even try. The more we ignore that voice the better we are.

Reading #30 – 7/31/2018 – Levi the Poet

So last Friday an announcement popped up in my Facebook feed about how Levi the Poet was going to be performing nearby. Having seen some of his videos on Youtube, I decided to check him out. I was certainly impressed. Great performance, great use of images and music. Totally worth it.

I was definitely sitting there taking notes!