Readings 41 and 42 – 10/9, 10/10 – Livin’ on Luck and Dead Bards

These two reading weeks are both exhausting and exciting! Great reading on Tuesday by Aaren Perry, Chris Kaiser, and Sean Hanrahan. Inspiring reading on Wednesday by Sean Lynch and Sherrie Lawyer. New friends made, old acquaintances renewed. Great times.


Readings 39 and 40 – 10/2-3/2018

So I’m doing a 2 for 1 here. On Tueday I went to the open reading at Newark Art Alliance, and on Wednesday I went to see Amy Saul-Zerby and Sean Hanrahan at Fergie’s. They were two very different events, but they both were inspiring. There are readings you go to where you just feel like you are part of something bigger that is going on, and both of these readings were that way.

These readings also marked my entry into 10 readings left – exciting! I can easily do 10 readings in the 3 months remaining in 2018. Who knows – let’s see how many I can go to!

Reading #37 -9/11/2018 – Josh Dale and Sarah Maria

The week or so leading up to this week had been a tough one. I had received a particularly disappointing rejection, and I was just overall frustrated with myself. However, this reading helped me to get back on track.

First of all, the readings from Josh and Sarah were awesome. I also got to talk about writing and get some much needed encouragement – thank you Shan-Tay Mercedes Watson!

To be a writer you have to deal with rejection and failure on a daily basis, so it can be hard at times to see that clearly and remember why you write. Sometimes you need others to help you see what you’ve forgotten.

Reading #36 – 9/5/2018 – James Feichthaler and Gianni Gaudino

Better late than never. Great performances from one poet whose work I know well and one whose work I am new to. I was reminded again how art and social discourse are never completely separate form one another. However, I am also coming to understand that the best art doesn’t tell us how to think. It poses more questions than answers, and leaves it up to the audience to decide for themselves.

Reading #35 – 8/20/2018 – Brandon Blake and Lyric

This reading was a big one for me. First and foremost, both the featured readers were inspiring. Brandon and Lyric both are true masters of the form, and it was a pleasure to hear them speak.

This reading also allowed me to continue practicing the performance of memorized poems. This is becoming easier with each performance. I’m enjoying the challenge, and the results have been positive.

Finally, this reading is an important milestone in this project. I only need to go to 15 more readings in order for me to meet my goal of 50 readings this year. This means that barring some serious issue that prevents me from attending readings,. if I keep on my current pace, I’ll easily achieve my goal.

Reading #34 – 8/19/2018 -Feichthaler, Zell, Cooper-Ramsey, Palma, and Palma

Okay, so it is cheating a little to post my own event. Reading in front of the crowd at the Pen and Pencil was like reading in front of family. I personally got to share some work I don’t always read, and it seems like the other readers did the same. Very cool night – new friends, good conversation.