Reading #11 – 3/22/2018 – Chris Kaiser and Cole Bryson

By nightfall, the roads were almost completely devoid of snow or ice – it had been above freezing all day. We piled into the car and went out to hear Chris and Cole read. It was a very low key, relaxed, and welcoming event. Got to hear some great stuff from the featured readers and beyond.

At one point Chris mentioned that all of his poems are in some way ‘political,’ and I think the same could be said for a lot of writers. Even when we are not trying to be political or socially conscious, we can never be fully immune to our envirnment, and the things we see going on in the world. The artist is never fully removed from their surroundings.

This reading makes 4 in March. I’m gonna try to get to one more this month. While my goal of 50 is still very achieveable, I know that I am a few readings behind. In the first two months I attended 4 and 3 readings respectively. I’m shooting to get to 4 readings a month for most months, but 4 x 12 = 48,  just short of my goal, so I think I am about 3 readings ‘behind’ right now. Getting to one more in March puts me at 5 this month, and I am confident that I can catch up on the other readings as the summer sets in.

Thanks for reading!


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