Reading 10 – 3/18/2018 – Eileen D’Angelo and Nina Israel Zucker

Finally – into double digits! I’m 1/5 of the way to my goal, and what a way to celebrate the milestone. Both readers were incredible, and to hear their stories was awe-inspiring.

However, It was especially nice to see and hear Eileen D’Angelo, the person who basically got me into the poetry ‘scene.’ She was the one who, when I was in college, published one of my poems in the Mad Poets’ Review. She was the one who gave me my first featured reading gig. She was also the one who led me by example through her enthusiasm, warmth, and humility, and taught me that poetry is not just about the words; it is also about creating community. After not having seen her for years, it was so great to reconnect.

I have a few more readings coming up in March, so hopefully this will allow me to get bakc on schedule. February was rough, but things are looking up!


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