Reading #9 – 3/16/2018 – Ben DeVos and Kailey Tedesco

This time around, Thirty West brought two unique writers to The Big Blue Marble. This was Ben’s first reading, and he shared a short story vividly describing an encounter between roomates. Kailey shared poems dealing with witchcraft. Both of these are topics I am somewhat removed from, yet I found myself fascinated by both.

As I was sitting there, listening to Kailey and Ben read, I was thinking about the importance of hearing new voices and perspectives. I personally feel that writers need to experience things in order to enrich their own work, but I think part of that includes encountering voices outside of what you are familiar with, seeing what inspires them, and learning from their craft. I like to think of it as compiling a tool box – the more tools we have, the more things we can do, and the better we are for it. This reading was definitely enriching, and I thank all those who participated.


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