Reading 4: Jan. 22 – Savannah Cooper-Ramsey and Angelo Colavita

Last night I went to my third reading in less than a week. It was sponsored by The Dead Bards of Philadelphia, at Venice Island Arts Center in Manayunk, and featured Savannah Cooper-Ramsey and Angelo Colavita, two fabulous poets.

At one point, Angelo mentioned that the group of poems he was working on dealt with love and death, and it got me thinking about art and poetry overall. We have come so far with technology and what our society calls progress. But despite how far we’ve come, art still taps into those things that fundamentally make us human, those things that we wrestle with every day. You can dress it up any way you want, but it always comes back to the human experience. Perhaps that is what keeps art relevant – if we can’t still connect to it as humans on some level, it loses it meaning or relevance.

This is probably going to be my last reading for January. I would have liked to get to one or two more, but with the holidays and the New Year, most of the readings were later in the month, and they just seemed compressed together. That’s okay though – four readings is a good start, and I feel that I am definitely on track to achieve my goal of 50 readings this year.



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