Reading #2: Fergies on Jan. 17th

Between the cold and me being tired from a couple busy days, getting to this reading was a real challenge. At about 2:30 I was sitting in my office, fantasizing about not going anywhere that night, sitting at home sipping warm coffee.

But I went, and I’m glad I did.

First of all, some of my favorite poets from the area were reading: Bob Zell, James Feichthaler, Sean Lynch, and Amber Renee. Adam Ertel was also reading, someone whose work I was not very familiar with before the reading, but I’m certainly happy that I am now familiar with it.

The reading was awesome, but I knew it would be.

At one point, as I was reading my new poem “A Fire Burns’ at the open mic, I looked out at the room. Many of the people in the crowd I knew. I realized these people knew more about me than most of my family do. I realized that I was surrounded not just by poets, but by friends. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to know that at that one moment in time you are exactly where you belong.


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